Chicago Bears History Sidelines
In this section are stories relating to the periphery of Chicago Bears History, including the Honey Bears, Uniform History, and links to Chicago Bears-related sites.
Chicago Bears Bar  Photos and a video of my collection of Bears memorabilia in my basement. Lots of Chicago Bears Game parties go on here.
Chicago Bears Speaker  The author of is available to speak to your group about the Chicago Bears.
Chicago Bears Gifts Links to Chicago Bears gifts, including exclusive Bears History gear.
The Honey Bears and Rocky Rarely does one meet a Chicago Bears fan that doesn't lament the loss of the Honey Bears, the teams' cheerleaders that entertained fans at games from 1977 through 1985. I was fortunate to have interviewed the group's founder, Cathy Core, in 2004 for my book. There is a fair amount of information on the Honey Bears in the book, as I feel too little has been written on them to this point. Also contained on this page is a photo and a little information on "Rocky", an unofficial Bear mascot that strolled the sidelines and the stands, entertaining fans in the 1970's and 1980's.
Chicago Bears History "Bits"Information on hall of famers, championships, and the gameday experience at Soldier Field.
Chicago Bears Uniform History A history of the Chicago Bears uniform, and all the anomalies I have witnessed over the last 26 years or so.
Visa Hall of Fans Information on three Bear fans that won the "Visa Hall of Fans" award, a contest putting these fans in the Pro Football Hall of Fame that no longer exists.
Chicago Bears Fan Links Links to sites of interest to Chicago Bears Fans. If you have a non-profit or fan site I'd be happy to consider adding your link to this page. This is for non-commercial links only, businesses can contact me to advertise on Chicago Bears History if interested.
Chicago Bears Video Collection I began taping every Bears game in 1999, and at the same time trading other video collectors to build my collection. When this website redesign is complete I'll be converting everything to DVD. People may think I'm crazy for keeping this collection and taping every game, but the way I see it is the only way I can see a historical game is by recording it. There is no place else to get this until the NFL decides to provide every game in history available on demand. That's doubtful. If you have something unique to trade I would entertain your offer, however I do not sell these videos and unfortunately I can't make copies for everyone that asks.  If you have any interesting Bears footage on tape/dvd and would like to trade, please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss.  I repeat, though, as much as I'd like to help you out...put yourself in my position of being asked by hundreds of people for just one copy of a game.  Can't do it. 
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