About the Author Roy Taylor
If you've dug this far into the site, you're either very bored or really want to know about me. You won't find out too much about me here, but thanks for the thought anyway.
I realize what one might think. What kind of person would invest all this time to create this website? Must be a burrito-eating Star Trek fan with no life or social interests that wastes his life away in front of the computer. Kind of like this guy pictured at the left.
Actually, none of the above, although I have to admit I have felt like I was wasting my life away in front of a computer as I redesigned this site throughout 2005. I'm 30...ugh...something, married and have a great family.  My wife has been very patient with me about finishing this site, as it's opened a lot of doors for us since 2000. In "real life", I am a technical account manager for a financial software company. Having a subject near and dear to my heart, about which I can do a site like this not only keeps my writing skills in shape but allows me to explore and refine my technical skills, which is important in my career.
I've been a Bears fan all my life, and it's my goal to help visitors recall those obscure moments about Bears history that I remember from my childhood. That's me dressed in my Vince Evans getup in 1980. Just as I try not to wear an Urlacher jersey these days, I didn't want a Payton jersey like everyone else had.
Good thing they still have my resume on file!  I'm joking, of course.

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