2006 Bears-Rams Road Trip
We made less than a one-second appearance on national TV. This clip is 34 seconds long. Don't blink after Hank sings "Get your game face on" or you'll miss us with the Payton flag.
Then when we stopped in Bloomington for gas on the way home, we noticed we were on the front page of the Peoria Journal-Star.
The view of the arch from our hotel room window. Pretty close, eh?
Randy, Mike, Vic and Brent having a "couple" at the landing before the game.
My buddy Mike and I with the Payton flag before the game.
Rachel Nichols of ESPN was recording one of her pregame spots right in front of our seats.  Did you hear us shouting her name?
View from our seats of one of the early plays in the game.
Us with our new friends from St. Louis-they were very cool to us despite our cheering for Da Bears.
Somehow we stormed the field after the game to display the Payton flag.  Don't ask us how.
Me doing the Heisman at the 5-yard line.  Yes, I do a terrible Heisman, especially without a football.
Three-point stances on the goal line.  It's not smart to try to do three-point stances when you're old and out of shape.
The author checking out the end zone.
Mike does a much better Heisman than I do.

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