2003 Chicago Bears Tailgating Photos
Meet Your Seat day at the new stadium.  That's my seat.
My son Jerry, then 16 months old, met our seats too.
Tailgating prior to opening Monday Night game at the new stadium.  We started at 11 a.m. for the 8 p.m. game.  Thank God for sober wives.
In front of the new stadium.
Opening night fireworks.
The view during opening night.  Undoubtedly the guy standing up here is telling the Bears they suck on this particular evening. 
My father and I at the first day game at the new stadium.  He wanted to go to the first ever game, but is too much of an old fart to stay out for a Monday Night game.
View from the seats at the first day game.
Chris and Jen at Lambeau.  This was my third game in Green Bay in a row, and of course the third loss in a row I saw there.
Tailgating in Green Bay.  They treat you right there.
Hanging beer can ornaments before the Washington game.
Farewell to tailgating '03 on a beautiful game by Lake Michigan.

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