2008 Chicago Bears Tailgating Photos
Drinda and Molly hanging out.
Chris, Grabber, Pitts, Sebastian, Courtnie enjoying the beautiful weather.
Todd blending up some hurricanes in the lot.
The whole group. Quite a time on opening day.
Billy REALLY doesn't like the Cubs.
DA Chief! Bearshistory.com now features 10% more chief in its tailgate photos! The world is a safer place now.
That was about it before the Eagles game, 7 hours of playing bags and BS'ing.
OK, so it was a sausage fest and the only woman that stopped by was wearing a Favre jersey. It was fun anyway and the Bears did beat the Eagles.
Tailgating at Miller's Pub prior to the Packers' game on 12/23.
The pile of clothes I wore for the Monday Night 2 degree game against Green Bay. Four pairs of socks, five shirts, long underwear, toewarmers, handwarmers, etc. I was fine.

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