Past Chicago Bears Tailgating Photos
That's "Big O", loop parking lot attendant circa 1984. Always made it fun to go see Da Beayrs.
Me and Bing from Jimmy Wong's Cantonese Restaurant on Wabash, again in 1984. Classic place and great friends, we spent every postgame there from the mid-80's to when they tore the building down in 1996.
View from my old seats in section 130 of the old stadium.
Tailgating old school style in 1999. Pretty primative, huh?
More '99 old school tailgating, this was the Illinois State TKE reunion that year prior to the Philadelphia game.
Michelle before we went in to see the dawn of the grand Dick Jauron era, preseason vs. the Colts. Cade McNown, here we come!
In Minnesota, in front of the Metrodome for the 2000 opener with Chris and Jen. See, we loved Cade McNown for some reason.
Prior to Sunday night game vs. Vikings in Chicago.
Sometimes certain people just can't stay awake or sober for the ride home. And this is the only time it happened to this guy. No, really.
Getting a little more sophisticated for the 2000 home finale. © 2000-2016 Roy Taylor