2006 Chicago Bears Playoff Tailgating Photos
Tailgating before the divisional playoff game with Dave (left) and Sebastian.
A year doesn't go by without a bladder buddy photo.  Would you believe these guys filled up that puddle?
Sebastian and converted Bear Fan Bill from New Jersey.  These nutjobs flew out from Joysey two weeks in a row!
Inside the living room prior to the divisional playoff game.  That's a tree in the middle of the living room.
NFC Championship is here.
Among other things in this goofy photo is Mike's bottle of jet fuel.
Drunk or tired?  You guess.
The crew at the seats prior to NFC Championship kickoff.  That's Michelle, Shawn, myself, Joel and Chris.
I even snapped photos of complete strangers, I was feeling so good about this game.  Here's the photo I told you guys would be here, if you ever end up visiting.
Michelle and I prior to the game.
Finally, a smiling face at the end of a long season at Soldier Field.  There haven't been a lot of seasons in 28 years that have ended up with me looking like this.
Celebratory chaos on the field following the win.
Small world, these guys from my hometown of Yorkville were tailgating right across from us the whole time.  And had been to visit this here site a few days prior.
Final look at tailgating 2006. What a fantastic year.
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